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Client Testimonials

Since 1991, A-1 Domestic Professional Services, A-1 Home Care & A-1 Caregiver Agency
It has been dedicated to providing excellence in Home Care Service. Through our distinguished and personalized service, we have built ongoing relationships with our customers. We are committed to value, excellence and satisfaction. Here's what our customers have to say about our service.

  • Kathleen of Sunnyvale.

    "A-1 Home Care Agency was wonderful. They are very caring and helpful; very professional! The caregiver sent is doing a great job."

  • Debbie of Costa, CA.

    ”Yvonne, our Caregiver from Orange County In-Home Care, is absolutely lovely. My mother loves her. Yvonne goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

  • Margaret of La Habra, CA.

    "Orange County In-Home Care / A-1 Nurses were there for us in the nick of time. We would definitely use their services again."

  • Gina of Seal Beach, CA.

    "The service was great! Our caregiver, Nelson, was fantastic. Because of the great care provided for my Grandfather, we will consider using Orange County In-Home Care / A-1 Nannies for nanny service in the near future."

  • Nancy of Cypress, CA.

    "She [caregiver] is sure to take wonderful and loving care. Orange County In-Home Care is very helpful and prompt with selection of possible caregivers."

  • Debra of San Dieogo, CA.

    "I'm extremely impressed with A-1 Home Care Agency. They are top notch. A-1 Domestic has very warm and informative office staff. The caregivers came to the facilty to meet my Mother on the day she was being discharged. They were both great, having them there steadied the family and made everything easier. We loved Neil. We can't say enough good things about him, within 2 days he became a part of the family. Ricardo is very dedicated and caring. We know we're in the best of hands."

  • Arlene of Torrance, CA.

    "I was very thrilled with Noel, our caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency. I was very satisfied with how issues were handled by him and the agency."

  • Jeanne of Downey, CA.

    "A-1 Home Care Agency has the best service and Caregivers."

  • Chandru of Los Angeles, CA.

    "The Caregiver A-1 Domestic sent is caring and very capable; She is absolutely and completely reliable; she is very protective and caring."

  • Inez of Bellflower, CA.

    "Everything is wonderful, we are very pleased with A-1 Home Care Agency and the Caregiver they sent."

  • Debbie of Huntington Beach, CA.

    "My mother's caregiver, Yvonne, is very creative in how she interacts with her. Yvonne doesn't just sit there; she finds different ways to keep my mom occupied. Yvonne will take her to the beach for a walk along the boardwalk and to eat ice cream. I'm thankful Orange County In-Home Care sent Yvonne to us."

  • Arnold of Laguna Woods, CA.

    "My Mother's Caregivers, Ed and Horacio, are very helpful. I appreciate all the help Orange County In-Home Care / A-1 Nurses provide my family."

  • Debra of Los Angeles, CA.

    “Our Caregiver from A-1 Domestic was absolutely wonderful and we greatly appreciate having her, we definitely recommend A-1 Home Care Agency to anyone in the same type of situation.”

  • Julie of La Mirada, CA.

    “The staff at A-1 Home Care Agency is very good. They are patient and quick to respond to requests. They are very professional. Our Caregiver, Ashley, is always cheerful and interactive. She listens to my Mother and is a great cook.”

  • Sherri of Whittier, CA.

    “My Mother is crazy about Virginia and wants to keep her forever. We are very happy with A-1 Domestic and think Virginia is fantastic.”

  • Toni of Los Angeles, CA.

    “The service from A-1 Home Care / A-1 Caregiver Agency is wonderful. Our caregiver Stacey is great and really nice.”

  • Patricia of Los Angeles, CA.

    "She (the caregiver from A-1 Domestic) was very sweet and did whatever was asked."

  • Arlene of Redando Beach, CA.

    “I will definitely be recommending A-1 Home Care Agency knowing that they have caregivers of such high caliber.”

  • Fannie of Inglewood, CA.

    “Gloria is an excellent Caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency. We would love to have her seven days a week.”

  • Eric of Paramount, CA.

    “A-1 Domestic Agency and the Caregiver they sent me are great.”

  • Harold of Alhambra, CA.

    “The Caregiver was very attentive and did a great job in caring for mom. Thank you A-1 Home Care Agency / A-1 Nurses.”

  • Kathy of Downey, CA.

    “A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency was a great help when my husband became ill. I don’t know what I would have done without the Caregivers sent by the agency to assist my family. I strongly recommend A-1 Home Care Agency to anyone needing at home care.”

  • Sharon of Inglewood, CA.

    “Everything is going well since we hired A-1 Donestic Agency. Blanca, our Caregiver, does a fine job.”

  • Hector of Buena Park, CA.

    “Rosa has been the Caregiver since the second day of service with Orange County In-Home Care. We are very happy with her. She is a very personable and attentive Caregiver for my mother. She has helped greatly with my mother’s physical therapy exercises. Rosa is very clean and will do clean-up tasks without prompting. So far, she has been very reliable as well.”

  • Nanette of Los Angeles, CA.

    “She is a remarkable person and outstanding caregiver from A-1 Domestic.”

  • Jill of Calabasas, CA.

    “Everything went well after calling A-1 Home Care Agency. We like our Caregiver, Jessie.”

  • Shelly of Chino Hills, CA.

    “Everything is working out. We appreciate the great service. Thank you A-1 Home Care Agency!”

  • Cindy of Los Angeles, CA.

    “The Caregiver came in and was a blessing. She is a joy to have added to my family.”

  • Kathleen of Sunnyvale, CA.

    “Ludy is a fantastic Caregiver. My mom was being taken to the hospital just as Ludy arrived for her first day of work. Ludy just put her stuff down and made herself useful. The whole family just loved her and the way she pitched in and helped. Thank you A-1 Domestic.”

  • Laurie of Torrance, CA.

    “We love our caregivers from A-1 Home Care Agency.”

  • Anne of Los Angeles, CA.

    “I think she is terrific in all aspects, as a Caregiver and as a person.”

  • Marilyn of Sierra Madre, CA.

    “Our Caregiver, Vanessa, is so sweet and nice. My Mother really likes her. So far, everything is very good with A-1 Home Care Agency.”

  • Shelly of Diamond Bar, CA.

    “I am very impressed with the service from A-1 Home Care Agency.”

  • Ron of Downey, CA.

    “Our Caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency goes the extra mile all the time and really likes working with my mom.”

  • Lavon of Manhattan Beach, CA.

    “I really like my Caregiver, Rosa, from A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency. She does a good job taking care of me.”

  • Noel of Pasadena, CA.

    “A-1 Home Care Agency provided great service!”

  • Dorothy of Los Angeles, CA.

    “The Caregiver we hired from A-1 Home Care Agency attended to my mothers every need cheerfully and respectfully.”

  • Peggy of Pico Rivera, CA.

    “My Mother is getting the best of care thanks to A-1 Home Care Agency. Our Caregiver is doing very well.”

  • Gina of Seal Beach, CA.

    “Everything worked out great thanks to Orange County In-Home Care.”

  • Rosemary of Olympia, FL.

    “Our Caregiver from A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency was diligent in her duties and was respected for her attentiveness and kindness to my mom.”

  • Debbie of Azusa, CA.

    “A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency found me a really, really good Caregiver.”

  • Cindy of Long Beach, CA.

    “My mom and dad liked Armi, from A-1 Caregiver Agency, very much. We would definitely hire from A-1 Home Care again.”

  • Susan of Los Angeles, CA.

    “Our Caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency is very neat, very helpful and very reliable; She has good experience and intuition regarding what to do”

  • Marian of Rivermore, CA.

    “Everything is going well since we've gotten a Caregiver from A-1 Domestic / A-1 Home Care Agency.”

  • Pam of Los Angeles, CA.

    “A-1 Home Care Agency was very professional and direct. Great response! Every caregiver they sent was very punctual and the office staff was very attentive. I recommend A-1 Home Care to anyone.”

  • Pat of Los Angeles, CA.

    “Our Caregiver went beyond what was expected of her.”

  • Rama of Montebello, CA.

    “We are thankful for A-1 Domestic. It's a comfort knowing the agency is there for us. A-1 Home Care Agency has taken quite a bit of the stress and burden from the situation for us both. I personally feel very reassured knowing the lengths A-1 Home Care will go to for customer satisfaction. No other agency compares in my mind to A-1 Domestic.”

  • Alex of Los Angeles, CA.

    “Rosa is a good worker and very nice Caregiver from A-1 Domestic. She’s very positive and doesn’t let my mom out of her sight.”

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